HAMILTON 14K White Gold Filled Transitional Ladies Watch 1924

This is a beautiful 14 carat carat white gold filled ladies watch dating to 1924. It is in amazing overall condition with an excellent case and a mint dial that has just been professionally restored. The freshly oiled and adjusted 17 jewelled Hamilton movement is running perfectly and keeping time. Bearing in mind that this vintage timepiece is 95 years old, its condition is truly remarkable. It is triple signed on the dial, case and movement.

When this watch was first manufactured, wrist watches were produced mainly for women. Smaller watches were thought not to be as accurate as the larger pocket watches, which men preferred. Men thought at the time that women should be given attractive jewellery and had no need for accurate timepieces! It took a World War involving muddy trench fighting to convince men that they were wrong and that a watch worn on the wrist was much more convenient than having to rummage through several layers of clothing to find a pocket watch. The early wristwatches looked like small pocket watches with a wrist strap. Some even had the winder (crown) at the 12 o'clock position and most, like this one, had rounded bezels with hinged covers, just like a pocket watch. These early wristwatches are therefore often called "transitional watches”. Hamilton produced a small number of ladies wristwatches from 1908 onwards but did not introduce mens' wristwatches to their range until November 1922, later than their main competitors, Elgin, Waltham, Bulova and others. Therefore this beautifully made watch is rare, very collectable as well as great to wear.

Case: 14 carat white gold filled. It has an engraved bezel and a hinged back to reveal the movement. It is in amazing condition, showing the expected signs of careful and probably infrequent use over the years but absolutely no signs of abuse, dents or scratches of any significance that I could see to draw to your attention. The case measures approximately 27 mm across, excluding the crown. The inside of the case is signed "Hamilton Watch Co."

Dial: finished in satin silver, signed "Hamilton" , in excellent condition. Black Arabic numerals mark the hours. The hands are in very good shape and the crystal is clean and clear.

Movement: Hamilton cal.986 signed movement with 17 jewels, freshly oiled and adjusted, running strongly and keeping time. The movement serial number dates the watch to 1924.

Strap: fitted with a used black leather strap, which fitted to the watch measures approximately 190 mm from buckle tip to last hole.

HAMILTON 14K White Gold Filled Transitional Ladies Watch 1924

Hamilton Ladies Vintage Watch