JAEGER LECOULTRE 10K Gold Filled FUTUREMATIC Auto Bumper Watch 1953

A gentlemans' 10 carat gold filled Futurematic wrist watch made by Jaeger LeCoultre, dating to 1953 and looking to be in original un-retored condtion. The case and dial present well on the wrist and the movement is running strongly and keeping time. The Futurematic is one of the most collectable and innovative models manufactured by Jaeger LeCoultre and probably second only to the Reverso in their vintage model range. Even today it looks futuristic and when I list one for sale, it always attracts considerable interest. This model is, in my opinion, the most visually stunning Futurematic watch with its elegant long curved lugs, highly sought after by collectors. This watch will most certainly be noticed when worn. Look at the photographs, showing off the elegant curved lugs. The power reserve is functional. The complicated movement also has a function which automatically stops the watch from winding when it is fully wound to reduce wear to the mechanism. And when the watch is nearly run down and is not being worn, it will hold a small power reserve, so that when it is picked up it will run for a few hours without further winding. The dial displays two chronograph style registers, a power reserve indicator and a seconds dial. The case houses an automatic “bumper” movement, especially designed for the Futurematic model. Jaeger LeCoultre was so confident about the quality of this new movement that the company decided not to spoil the aesthetics of the watch by adding a crown. Instead it has a disc on the back cover. The watch has a hack mechanism which stops the watch to enable it to be set accuratley against an external time source. It is activated when the disc is slid inwards to the setting postion so do not forget to slide it outwards when you have set the time. The watch is correctly signed by the manufacturer in three places, on the dial, case and movement.

Case: 10K gold filled in very good condition, measuring approximately 35 mm across and 45 mm from lug to lug. The inside of the case is signed LeCoultre". There are the expected signs of use over the years but no signs of abuse, dents or scratches of any significance that I could see to draw to your attention.

Dial: finished in two tone satin silver and signed “LeCoultre Futurematic Swiss". It has an outer minutes chapter with the power reserve indicator located at the 9 o'clock position, partially edged in black and red. The subsidiary seconds dial is located at 3 o'clock. Applied gold coloured batons and pyramid dots mark the hours and the gold coloured hands are in good shape. The crystal is clean and clear. The dial is showing the expected signs ageing, much lighter than normally seen but as it looks to be original and un-restored, as well as presnting well on the wrist, I decided against having it restored.

Movement: high quality cal. 497 17 jewel automatic bumper movement, signed “LeCoultre Co”, running strongly and keeping time. This movement has lovely gentle bumper action, suggesting that it has only received moderate use over the last 67 years. Many that I come across have a clunky bumper action from regular use. The bumper unit is an early automatic movement, first seen in watches in the late 1940's, with many Jaeger LeCoultre and Omega watches housing them up to the mid 1950's. Unlike the modern rotors which sit on top of the mechanism and rotate through 360 degrees, the bumper rotor rotates through a little over 300 degrees, hits a sprung stop which cushions the impact of the hammer action and helps sends the rotor to swing back to a stop on the other side of the movement. It should be "kick started" when first used by shaking the watch back and forth gently for a few minutes. You will see the power reserve indicator moving out of the red as the watch winds. When it is fully wound the watch will automatically stop winding. Older automatics are not as efficient as modern day mechanisms, (and we tend to lead more sedentary lives than 68 years ago). Therefore, depending on how much use and movement the watch receives when worn, it may need manual winding from time to time by shaking the watch back and forth it for a couple of minutes or so .

Strap: fitted with a lightly used Speidel extralong black leather strap which fitted to the watch measures approximately 232 mm from buckle tip to last hole.

JAEGER LECOULTRE 10K Gold Filled FUTUREMATIC Auto Bumper Watch 1953

Jaeger LeCoultre Gents Vintage Automatic Watch