A rarely seen stainless steel Memovox "HPG" (high performance guaranteed) Jumbo automatic alarm calendar watch from Jaeger LeCoultre, dating to 1970. It is great original un-restored condition. The case and factory original dial present very well on the wrist. The cal 916 high beat fully rotational bi-directional automatic movement is running beautifully and keeping time, with the alarm and calendar functions working perfectly. The watch has its original matching signed crowns. It is signed in five places, on the dial, case, two crowns and movement.

Case: stainless steel, in very good condition measuring approximately 37 mm across, excluding the signed crowns and 41 mm in overall length. The inside of the rear cover is signed LeCoultre. It is showing the expected light marks from responsible and probably infrequent use over 49 years but absolutely no signs of abuse, dents or scratches of any significance that I could see to point out to you.

Dial: factory original with a textured outer border and satin silver inner dial, signed “LeCoultre Automatic Memovox Swiss”. It is also marked "HPG" which signifies "High Precision Guarantee". Applied silver coloured batons mark the hours, the hands are in good shape and the crystal is clean and clear. The dial is showing some light patina but it is in amazing condition for a 49 year old watch. Any restoration would be a crime, diminishing the value of this watch significantly.

Movement: high grade 27 jewelled automatic cal. 916 movement, adjusted to three positions, running strongly and keeping time. It is a high beat movement, running at 28000 A/h compared with 18000 A/h for the previous cal.815/825 bumper models. This provides for greater accuracy in timekeeping and is why the dial on this and other models housing the cal. 916 are marked "HPG" (high precision guaranteed). The 916 was the first automatic alarm watch produced by any watchmaker with a rotor that would turn a full 360 degrees. Previously they always housed a bumper mechanism due to the alarm hammer mechanism which, when activated hit a pin protruding from the inside of the back case cover. The bumper rotor swings back and forth without hitting the pin whereas a fully rotating rotor would. This problem was ingeniously overcome with the cal. 916 by the alarm pin on the case cover passing through a hole in the centre of the rotor. If you look at the photos below you can see the pin on the inside of the cover. The watch is set and can be wound by the lower crown and the alarm is wound and set by the upper crown. The calendar function operates correctly. The serial number on the movement dates the watch to 1970.

Strap: fitted with a generic brown leather strap, which attached to the watch measures approximately 219 mm from buckle tip to last hole.


Jaeger LeCoultre Gents Vintage Automatic Watch