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This is an amazing collector's opportunity; a special edition Bulova Spaceview watch manufactured in 1975 to mark the 100 year anniversary of the Bulova Watch Company, established in 1875. It is in original condition, running well and keeping time. The watch case is made in the shape of a tuning fork. This watch was manufactured for one year only so today they are hardly ever seen for sale. Most probably few remain and those that do are in now collections. During the 15 years I have been actively selling watches, this is only the second I have managed to acquire. As with most of the rare and unusual watches I buy, this model has been in my personal collection for a while to enjoy but I have now decided to sell the watch to make way for new additions.

Of all the wrist watches manufactured by Bulova and they produced hundreds of different models over a span of more than half a century, the Accutron Tuning Fork electric watch, first introduced for sale in 1959, is one of its most iconic and highly sought after models. The Accutron was ahead of its time in both design and technology. The electric watch had only been released to the retail market a couple of years earlier in 1957 (by Hamilton). With many Accutron variants produced, the futuristic Spaceview model is probably the most collectible of all Accutron watches. However it was introduced to the market by pure accident. In 1959, Bulova provided their dealers with watches with the dials removed, a bespoke a printed crystal and white hands to display the tuning fork mechanism and the green coloured circuitry inside the watch. These converted watches were purely display products, to show the new innovative technology. To convey a sense of excitement about these new watches, Bulova linked the new technology to the US space programme, hence the name "Spaceview. The advertising worked, but not as intended by Bulova. People loved the Spaceview display model and wanted to buy them. So dealers sold their display models and they flew off the shelves. As a result Bulova added the Spaceview to its range of Accutron models a year later in 1960. Today Spaceviews remain the most sought after of all the Accutron range.

Case: asymmetric case in the shape of the Bulova tuning fork with a gold plated bezel and stainless steel cover. It is in good condition with no signs of abuse. All that I could see was some wear and tiny nicks to the edges from use. The case measures approximately 40 mm across at the widest point. The outside of the rear cover is signed "Bulova".

Watch Face: see through skeletonised style. The crystal is clean and clear.

Movement: cal. 214 Accutron Tuning Fork movement, running strongly and keeping time. If you hold it to your ear you can hear it humming.

Strap: new generic brown lizard grain strap which fitted to the watch measures approximately approximately 215 mm from buckle tip to last hole.


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Bulova Accutron Gents Vintage Automatic Watch