SOLD ROLEX Ladies 18K Solid Gold Vintage Watch  c1923 - BEAUTIFUL

A beautiful Rolex 18 carat solid gold semi Hunter ladies watch dating to the c1923. The watch has a gorgeous case with a green enamel finish on the bezel marked with the hour numerals. The watch is fitted with a 9 carat solid gold expandable bracelet, correct for the period. Having just been professionally oiled and adjusted, the movement is running well and keeping time, a tribute to the fine craftsmen who made watches to last a lifetime (and beyond). This timepiece comes in a period presentation box. I have collected quite a number of these early Rolex ladies watches as models from this period are among my favourites. This timepiece has clearly been cherished over the years. Ladies watches of this era are pure vintage Rolex, still bearing a resemblance to pocket watches from which they evolved. For this reason they are often called "transitional" watches.

This style of watch was manufactured during the early part of the 20th century, at a time when wristwatches had, until just a few years earlier, been produced mainly for women. Smaller watches were said not to be as accurate as larger pocket watches, which men predominantly wore. Men thought that women preferred attractive jewellery and had no real need for accurate timepieces! It took a World War involving muddy trench fighting to convince them that they were wrong and that a watch worn on the wrist was much more convenient than having to rummage through several layers of clothing to find a pocket watch.

Dial: finished in satin silver, marked "Rolex". As the style of the case is semi Hunter, the hour numerals are marked on the bezel. The crystal is clean and clear.

Case:18 carat solid gold, with a green enamelled bezel, in very good condition. Reflecting its descendancy from the pocket watch, the case has hinged back and top covers. They operate correctly and snap shut with a satisfying click. One so often finds with these very old watches that the hinges are broken. They are very expensive to repair so are best left alone. The case measures 24 mm across, excluding the original "onion" crown. There are the inevitable marks on the case, from careful use over the years but nothing of any significance that I could see to highlight. The case is correctly signed "Rolex" on the inside of the case and displays an 18 carat solid gold hallmark.

Movement: 15 jewelled movement, signed Rolex and having just been oiled and adjusted the watch is running perfectly and keeping time. Please note that the time is NOT set by pulling out the crown. It is done by simultaneously pushing in the tiny button next to the crown and then turning the crown.

Bracelet: fitted with a 9 carat solid gold expandable bracelet. It is in good condition with all of the springs intact. The gold is of a slightly darker hue to that of the case. It will comfortably fit a wrist size of approximately 145mm up to 165mm

Presentation Box: lined wooden box marked "H Pidduck & Sons Ltd. Hanley. It came with the watch when I bought it and is probably the one provided when this watch was sold some ninety three years ago, at a time when watch manufacturers did not provide boxes marked with their company name.

SOLD ROLEX Ladies 18K Solid Gold Vintage Watch c1923 - BEAUTIFUL

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Rolex Ladies Vintage Watch