SOLD VULCAIN CRICKET Gents Vintage Wrist Alarm Watch 1960's

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A Vulcain, "Cricket" wrist alarm watch in absolutely amazing original un-restored condition. It looks close to new old stock, no doubt having been hardly used to have remained in this condition. This timepiece dates to, I would estimate, the late 1960's . The Cricket was introduced before the Jaeger LeCoultre wrist alarm watch, manufactured in much smaller numbers and today a rare and highly collectible watch. I was delighted to be able to acquire this watch as they are so hard to acquire these days and to come across one in such fabulous condition is a find indeed. The watch has a great classic gold plated case with a stainless back and the factory original dial, which has a sweep seconds hand and an alarm marker is in excellent condition. The watch presents very well indeed on the wrist and the freshly oiled and adjusted manual movement is running strongly and keeping time. The alarm function is working perfectly and loudly.

The Vulcain Watch Co. manufactured the first fully functional wrist alarm watch in 1947, called the Cricket, which when you hear the alarm, you will understand why! The Cricket was also nicknamed "The Presidents' Watch", after Vulcain presented a Cricket to President Harry Truman and subsequently Presidents Eisenhower, Nixon and Johnson as well as other world leaders. Continuing this tradition, the new Commander in Chief, Mr Trump received a Vulcain but he may be the last to have received one. Vulcain has recently cut its staff from 12 to just 5 and may no longer be in existence when the next presidential inauguration takes place.

Dial: in fabulous original un-restored condition presenting very well indeed. It has a satin silver finish and signed “Vulcain 17 Jewels Incabloc Swiss Made”. The hours are marked by gold coloured batons. The hands are in very good shape and the crystal is clean and clear.

Case: gold plated with a stainless back, in very good condition, measuring approximately 34 mm across, excluding the crown and 42 mm from lug to lug. The case is showing the lightest signs of use infrequent use over the years but no signs of abuse dents or scratches of any significance that I could see to point out to you.

Movement: 17 jewelled manual shock proof movement signed "Vulcain Watch Corp". It has all original parts and is running strongly and keeping time. It has been oiled and adjusted by my watchmaker. All functions operate correctly. The watch is wound by the lower crown, turning it clockwise and is set by pulling it out in the normal way. The upper crown is used to wind the alarm but by turning it clockwise. The alarm is set by pulling out the upper above the crown and turning it clockwise to set the alarm to the required time for activating the alarm. Keep the crown in the set position to activate the alarm at the chosen time or push the crown home to prevent activation.

Strap: fitted with a generic brown leather strap which attached to the watch measures approximately 212 mm from buckle tip to last hole.

SOLD VULCAIN CRICKET Gents Vintage Wrist Alarm Watch 1960's

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