WALTHAM HUNTER 14K GOLD Filled Ladies Pendant/Pocket Watch 1907 - Beautiful

A 14 carat gold filled Waltham Hunter ladies pendant/pocket watch dating to 1907. This gorgeous little 111 year old antique watch watch is in fabulous overall condition. Just look at the photographs. It is hard to believe the age of this watch. I see many watches passing through my hands which although although a fraction of the age of this watch, are showing considerably more signs of use. It has clearly been cherished over the years, probably passed down through several generations within the same family before it was sold in the hope it would go to someone who would also enjoy owning this antique timepiece. The case and porcelain dial look great and the movement is running strongly and keeping time.

I find that these beautiful pendant watches are often bought by customers as a present for a lady to mark a special occasion. For example, gentlemen have bought a watch from me to present to a their bride on their wedding day and parents have presented a watch to their daughter on her graduation from university. I presented a special 1940's chronograph watch to my son when he emigrated to Canada and he treasures it.

Case: 14 carat gold filled in very good condition, engraved on the outside with birds and plants. The crown is pressed to open the front cover to reveal the dial and the back cover reveals the movement which is protected by a second dust cover. The case measures approximately 35 mm in diameter. The inside of the rear cover is signed "Philadelphia Watch Case Co Guaranteed 20 years". The guarantee means that the gold fill is of the highest quality, a thick sheet of solid gold bonded to a base metal, usually brass. The hinges are in good condition. I could find no dents or scratches of significance to point out to you.

Dial: porcelain dial presenting very well indeed, with no hairlines that I could see, signed “Waltham ” with hours marked by crisp blue Arabic numerals. A sunken subsidiary seconds dial is located just above the 6 o'clock position. The elegant gold coloured hands are in great condition and the crystal is clean and clear.

Movement: 13 jewel Waltham gilded movement, beautifully engraved, running well and keeping time. The serial number dates the watch to 1907.

You will not see many 100 plus year old antique watches in this condition so do not let the opportunity to buy this watch pass you by.

WALTHAM HUNTER 14K GOLD Filled Ladies Pendant/Pocket Watch 1907 - Beautiful

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